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Our 3 Company Objectives

I. Do the job just as good if not better.

Our knowlegeable & trained staff has over 60 combined years of Hydraulic & Metalworking hands-on experience. That enables us to make absolutley sure that our finished product will withstand our own demanding pressure tests before delivery.

II. Do the job quickly.

Our acurate speed comes from using the most modern equipment available. When applying up to 62,000 ft. lbs.of torque on our 25' disassembly table, even the largest of nuts and glands break loose in seconds. By doing all of our own machine work "in-house" 7 days a week...we don't get behind on our due dates.

III. Do the job at a fair price.

Our strength in pricing comes from the number of our many stocking product lines and other non-hydraulic services that we offer (please see our products page).

We do not and will not "low-ball" prices just to get our foot in the door with the intentions of making it up on the next job.  That tactic is against our company's policy.